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These Valves are automatically installed in most modern cars and are designed to restrict emissions and help efficiency. However, they can fail or become clogged, fortunately Supertune Scotland are able to remove them, which will make your vehicle run better.

Our expert EGR Solution could save you money

You could end up saving money thanks to our EGR solution from your vehicle and we'll visit you in Dumfries, Kilmarnock, Glasgow or anywhere across central and southern Scotland.


Call our professionals on 07900 696 060 to find out if we can help you.

Why use EGR Solution ?

Our customers have noticed an increase in their MPG and cleaner emissions as their old EPG was clogged by soot.


Professional EGR Solution can also be more affordable than a costly replacement.


EGR explained

EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation is designed to reduce harmful emissions.


It works by redistributing gases around your vehicle, however these can become locked and restrict your vehicle's power and economy.

SuperTune Scotland Remapped my Discovery and now it drives fantastic and has better economy, which is an added bonus. Excellent professional service that I highly recommend to anyone.' - Mark

Blocked EGR valve systems can adversely affect your car's efficiency, call us for help on:

07900 696 060

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