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DPF filters are installed in most modern diesel vehicles and are designed to restrict emissions and help efficiency. However, they can fail or become clogged, so Supertune Scotland have the solution, which will make your vehicle run better. Prices starting from £350

Our expert DPF and EGR Solution could save you money

Even accounting for our fee, you could end up saving money thanks to our DPF solution for your vehicle and we'll visit you in Hamilton, Dundee, Ayrshire or anywhere across central and southern Scotland.


Call our professionals on 07900 69 60 60 to find out if we can help you.

What is DPF?

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter. These are designed to cut emissions from diesel vehicles and all modern turbo diesels will have them.


Unfortunately, if you tend to do a lot of stop-start non-motorway driving these can become clogged with soot and actually affect your economy adversely.

Why DPF Solution ?

Our experts can offer advice on whether DPF solution can work for you. Many of our customers have enjoyed greater economy as a result of DPF solution.


Supertune Scotland serves Glasgow, Hamilton, Dundee, Ayrshire, Stirling and beyond.

Faulty filter systems can adversely affect your car's efficiency, call us for help on:

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